Mar 21, 2016

[Final] Frankenstein: The Village Game

Janet and Brad thought they were going on a peaceful holiday until an unfortunate breakdown stopped them outside Frankenstein Burg!

Brad, who knows nothing about repairing cars, sets off to find help, but very quickly regrets doing so...

Be prepared, the village you are about to discover with Brad and Janet is by far the craziest one on Earth!

Save your couple by solving the riddle of Frankenstein Burg! Every corner of the village is packed with details and characters, each one crazier than the last!

Be careful, the atmosphere there gradually brings you closer to your worst nightmare...
Great Adventure / Hidden Object affecting casual game Frankenstein: The Village includes canty sound design and lambent videosequence. You will be able to fall into entrancing Realm of marvelous high day in Frankenstein: The Village PC MAC game. Art is just original and merry, and so is the note of this beauteous Frankenstein: The Village game. We can boldly say that the new PC MAC game Frankenstein: The Village is the real Puzzle Hidden Object PC MAC games masterpiece!
Frankenstein: The Village Game Trial is available for free download.

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