May 18, 2014

Weird Park 3: The Final Show Game (FINAL) 338.68 MB

Weird Park 3: The Final Show Game (FINAL) 338.68 MB. Seven-year-old Patrick Audley was kidnapped from his own closet, and only you can save him in Weird Park 3: The Final Show PC Game! Your editor-in-chief has asked you to write an article about this case, make photos of the empty Audley’s house. You saw a dwarf dressed like a joker in the cellar of the boy’s house. He ran into a closet and you followed him. It was Mr. Dudley, and you get into the place looks and feels like a nightmare! From there you’ll visit “The First Night”, performance of Incredible Louis the clown at the circus “Fairy Gate” at August 3, 1988, eight years ago, but it was only the beginning of your quest in search of Patrick. Download Weird Park 3, travel through time and space, stop Louis and Mr. Dudley once and for all in this circus-themed Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure!
  • Collect Candy canes for in-game shop!
  • Set of collectibles
  • Last installment of Weird Park!


Title Post: Download Weird Park 3: The Final Show Game (FINAL) 338.68 MB
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