Apr 25, 2013

Stray Souls 2: Stolen Memories (FINAL) 403 MB

Stray Souls 2: Stolen Memories (FINAL) 403 MB. Save your husband and daughter in Stray Souls 2: Stolen Memories game! Brian Carter disappeared some time ago, but you and your daughter Julie were able to locate his whereabouts in the abandoned hotel Stray Souls, you have received weird signal from him on your TV. But hotel looking haunted - you can hear voices, things appearing and disappearing without reason, doors can close right behind you... When you found Brian's room 6 and entered it, horrible thing happened: someone looking just like Brian, kidnapped Julie, he took her through the door, that appeared to be just painted on the wall! Download this hidden object puzzle adventure game and follow after Julie to the world of stolen memories!


Title Post: Stray Souls 2: Stolen Memories (FINAL) 403 MB
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