Oct 31, 2015

[Final] Rite of Passage 5: Heart of the Storm Game

Help Chelsea to stop the storm of the century in Rite of Passage 5: Heart of the Storm PC Game from Mad Head Games!

Professor Mann sent an e-mail to Chelsea, asking her to come and bring his suitcase to the small town he lives ASAP. Chelsea hoped into her plane and rushed there, but when she was close, “Murdered” carving showed onto the glass of her cockpit and then ghost destroyed the plane, trying to get the relic from Mann’s suitcase! Chelsea saved the relic and jumped off the plane. She managed to get to the Professor despite the most aggressive storm she ever seen. Professor needed the relic for his storm catcher, the only thing able to stop the unnatural weather disaster. Someone was murdered here, burned alive, and his suffering caused the storm to appear, storm with the vengeful ghosts in its heart! Can Chelsea and Professor Mann set the things right in this epic Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure!
Computer games like Rite of Passage 5: Heart of the Storm are those Hidden Object / Adventure / Puzzle PC games which you play occasionally, from time to time. But Rite of Passage 5: Heart of the Storm is one of the most neat PC games of Puzzle Hidden Object type and you will never regret time spent playing it.
In terms of placings difficulty, Rite of Passage 5: Heart game designers were pretty merciful towards Adventure, Puzzle devotees. Art is just lively and high-spirited, and so is the sound effects of this glistening Rite of Passage: Heart of the Storm game.
Rite of Passage 5: Heart of the Storm Game Beta available for free download.

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