Mar 3, 2015

Big Bang West 2 PC Game (FINAL) 40.88 MB

Big Bang West 2 PC Game (FINAL) 40.88 MB. Tame the American Wild West! Gather essential resources to construct buildings, upgrade your town and prosper as you settle new, uncharted lands. Perfect your town by enhancing infrastructure to attract new citizens and defend them against hordes of bandits in this charming and fast paced strategy game!

Big Bang West 2 is an original strategy game. It offers fast and entertaining game play. Enjoy the American Wild West atmosphere with lovely cartoon graphics!
  • Defend your dwellers against dangerous bandits
  • Enjoy original western music score
  • Explore the Wild West in 37 original levels


BB West 2 is fantastical computer game with more than enough playable bonuses. Big Bang West 2 includes not only complicated riddles but also addictive design.

Now try this explosive unexceptionable PC/Mac game, Big Bang West 2! This very good Big Bang West 2 is long-awaited Mac/PC game which meets all criteria for captivating Strategy genre.


In Big Bang West 2 there are unthought-of tasks for you as you go on your main mission. Nothing really involved, but you can be heartened. Big Bang West 2 breathtaking game will be super-duper for tyros, who just met the dimension of casual Mac PC games.

Title Post: Big Bang West 2 PC Game (FINAL) 40.88 MB
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